Monday, August 25, 2014

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych In Peru's Radical Decade'

Various Artists
Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych In Peru's Radical Decade
Tiger's Milk Records

Peru Bravo... is an upcoming release from Tiger's Milk Records that brings us the best psych, funk, R&B, dance, soul music from Peru during the 1960's and 70's. There are fifteen tracks that bleed with energy, desire, and fun. Every note is a magical masterpiece on every track. You will hear some raw stuff here by some unknown artists, including Laghonia, Thee Image, Black Sugar, Jeriko, Los Destellos, The Mad's, Los Comandos, Cacique, Los Holy's, and many more. The driving dance beats, garage-rock sound, and wild percussion are all accented with electronic embellishments that give the music a modern edge. The licks and chords are gritty and awesome with loads of psych to play with here. The throbbing keyboards, drum beats, and fluid bass-lines are unmatched. Anyone interested in world psych music will relish its tracks. Fans of Peruvian music will love the unadulterated songs. ~ Matthew Forss

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