Thursday, August 14, 2014

CD Review: Prem Joshua & Chintan's 'Kashi'

Prem Joshua & Chintan
White Swan Records

Prem Joshua & Chintan bring us some tantric and Sanskrit-infused compositions from India's inner soul on their latest collaboration, Kashi. There are nine hit tracks with a little Indian psych funk, contemporary yoga rock, and electronic elements infused with a good dose of percussion, vocalizations, and new age/jazz connotations that are ripe with world music elements. The transcendental songs are majestic, euphoric, and meditative. Of course, the tabla, harmonium, and sitar are a part of the mix, but the electronic and contemporary elements are a bit more prevalent. The result is a global fusion that covers dub on "Tumhaari Maya;" dance on "Gayatri Ghetto;" and modern embellishments on "All Roads Lead To Om," "Ya Devi Sarva," and "Lingashtakam." The devotional tunes are rather lengthy between five and ten minutes long, which allows for some expressive and thought-provoking results. There is nothing really comparable to Kashi, but the apparently-defunct group, Nuklearte, from Italy, is relatively close. If you love the South Asian-inspired modern grooves of yoga, Hindi, and mantra-style music, then Kashi will satisfy your soul. Best enjoyed with your favorite cereal : ) ~ Matthew Forss

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