Monday, August 25, 2014

CD Review: MOA's 'Maverick'

Wild Child Music

A background in jazz and Afro-pop, Max Wild (aka MOA), is an innovative performer of contemporary dance and world fusion music with electronic beats and earthen rhythms with guest vocals from Chiwoniso and Jahaan Sweet. The industrial dance beats of "Hands In The Air" is a largely contemporary dance sound with gritty, synth-pop beats and an Afro-pop, urban style. The percolating electronic sounds of "Debo" brings an ambient, spacey tone to the mix that is not too unlike Tangerine Dream's instrumental works from the 1990's. "Barbarian" contains a spacey horn sound with laser-like embellishments and a heady beat that is new age, electronica, and experimental. Whatever the music is called or how it is defined is seemingly irrelevant. Once you hear the sounds your body will know it's great. ~ Matthew Forss

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