Monday, December 1, 2014

CD Review: Manika Kaur's 'I Bow To You Waheguru'

Manika Kaur
I Bow To You Waheguru
United Sound

The supercharged beats of kirtan dance music are reduced here to cinematic and serene morsels of cosmic and spiritual beauty that are best categorized as new age and world music fusion. Manika Kaur's Australian and United Arab Emirates roots bring a spirited mix to the music that is inherently Sikhism with strings, light percussion, and sweeping arrangements. Manika's sweet and light vocals are a perfect addition to the music foundation. This is the first album I've observed with a cinematic appeal to kirtan music. The result is an album of seven awe-inspiring tunes that bring to light Indian, neo-classical, South Asian, and European musical arrangements in a calm and engaging package. Fans of vocal music, kirtan, Indian music, and new age tunes will love Manika Kaur's latest offering. It's guilt-free and blissful.  ~ Matthew Forss

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