Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CD Review: April Verch's 'The Newpart'

April Verch
The Newpart
Slab Town Records

The petite and undoubtedly-cute, Canadian fiddler, April Verch, dazzles crowds yet again with another endearing folk album that continues in the old-time and bluegrass traditions. April is known for some fancy footwork on stage and her feet are definitely the star on a few songs. The rootsy and old-time folk music is more akin to Americana influences than Canadian, but there are similarities. The bluesy, gospel-tinged tunes are poignant, quaint, and relatively spacious to allow all the instruments to shine on their own. April's delicate voice is angelic and alive, which is a perfect accompaniment to some of the instruments. Some great instruments are included here, including the fiddle, bass, clawhammer banjo, acoustic guitar, and mandolin. Overall, The Newpart is more reflective, reduced, and a bit timid. However, it is still pure April Verch at her finest. ~ Matthew Forss

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