Thursday, February 19, 2015

CD Review: TreeHouse!'s 'Lifted'


Reggae-beat from South Carolina? You bet. The Southern band brings reggae, jam band, and rock themes to the mix on their third album, Lifted. There are some psychedelic powers going on here, but the reggae backbeat is never too far away. For instance, "Guru" has all the elements of a groove-laden, psychedelic track with extended instrumentals and jam-band vocals with a catchy beat and TreeHouse! does not disappoint. A dozen tracks fill the album with tons of lush melodies, edgy grooves, and world fusion influences that follow a reggae foundation and psychedelic foundation with hints of roots and folk. The fluid bass sounds are especially good on "Take It Away" and "Just Another Day." The album is as colorful as the artwork. There is a good amount of diverse stylings and beats that are never boring or redundant. ~ Matthew Forss

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Unknown said...

Saw Treehouse at the Raleigh, NC Cuegrass Festival last weekend--AWESOME! Bought the CD and we're hooked! Excellent musicians!! Thanks Gents!