Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CD Review: Razia's 'Akory'

Wake Up Music

Madagascar is an island known for vanilla, Tarika, valihas, and now Razia. The Malagasy singer has been making music for a few years with her first album, Zebu Nation, released on Cumbancha. The poignant and happy rhythms and sounds of Madagascar are alive and well on her latest release, Akory, which means, 'what now'? Well, now we have an energetic and world-pop release with native lyrics and a roots-driven beat that traverses influences from many lands, including East Africa, Europe, and America. The upbeat sounds of "Baraingo" and "Gny Lalagna" are sure to make everyone dance. The pleasant sounds of "Ela Izay," "Taranaka Afara," and "Papillon" resemble Euro folk, or even South American music, as the accordion adds a nice, authentic touch. Fans of contemporary Madagascar music rooted in authentic sounds and rhythms will find Razia a welcome addition to any music library. ~ Matthew Forss

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