Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CD Review: Nickodemus' 'Wonderworld: 10 Years Of Painting Outside The Lines'

Wonderworld: 10 Years Of Painting Outside The Lines
Wonderwheel Recordings

Nickodemus has been spinning funky, global beats for over a decade and the release of Wonderworld... is a testament to his creative remixes and career highlights. The twenty-four-track release is a friendly romp on the dance, dub, and funk side of the musical spectrum with loads of Latin, Afro, and contemporary beats that are very compelling. Nickodemus incorporates the aid of numerous guest musicians and producers, including Jean Shepherd, Hector Alomar, Carol C., Tarafs de Haidouks, Ismael Kouyate, Afrika Baambaata, Sammy Ayala, and others for a truly global recording. Even though the album is contemporary, it still retains a sense of authenticity and organic roots. The diverse percussion, vocals, and rhythms keeps listeners enthralled throughout. There are no shortage of tracks or beats on this very special recording. Hear it today! ~ Matthew Forss

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