Friday, April 16, 2010

CD Review: Anibal Velasquez and "Mambo Loco" (released 4/27/2010)

Anibal Velasquez y Su Conjunto
Mambo Loco

A legendary accordionist and ambassador for Colombian guaracha music, Anibal Velasquez y Su Conjunto showcase tunes culled from a 30+ year musical career. The organic, rumba-sounding groove backed by the unmistakable accordion, piano, caja drum, and rhythmic beats characteristic of Colombia's bustling city of Barranquilla. The trippy-beats, spicy sounds, and bluesy-jazz accordion playing mark an era of unique music from South America. Mambo Loco is tropical music with a twist...of the hips, that is. It's refreshing, solidly-crafted and composed, and globally-relevant music for everyone! A handy 24-page booklet is included with CD. In addition, Analog Africa is a leader in reviving old music from around the world on LP. Mambo Loco will also be available on LP. For those that cannot locate Anibal Velasquez' 300+ LP's, Mambo Loco will suffice. ~ Matthew Forss

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Duurzaam Doceren said...

Bought this album (on vinyl) myself, goose bumps and tears in my eyes every time I play it!

Great combination of dancible and listenable 'latin', cumbia, son, salsa, mambo, afrobeat (yes!) etc etc etc.

Great album, thanks for the post!