Friday, April 16, 2010

CD Review: Carmen Consoli is "Elettra-ic"


Italian folk/rock singer, Carmen Consoli, is a bright talent with a strong voice. Her voice is iconic to Italy as Patricia Kaas is to France. Their are classical strings, jazzy tunes, Balkan/Gypsy rhythms, lounge tracks, and South American-type vibes on her 7th studio album. Elettra is a celebration of women and all her forms - good and bad. The mix of Mediterranean instruments and rhythms with folk and rock elements and Italian vocals make Elettra shine with liveliness. One can hear some similarities to downtempo groups, such as Zero 7 and Air. Yet, Elettra is not a trip-hop album, but it does contain some of those sounds typically observed in downtempo. This is an album of Italian sensibility and contemporary folk/rock arrangements. Each track is quite different and equally engaging. Liner notes in Italian. Discover the music of Carmen Consoli today! ~ Matthew Forss

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