Friday, April 16, 2010

CD Review: Lian & Chirgilchin Ensembles on "The Window" (released May 2010)

Lian & Chirgilchin
The Window

The Window is what happens when two groups from different countries come together and make music for one afternoon in Los Angeles, USA. The Persian/Sufi Lian Ensemble incorporate Persian lyrics and traditional instrumentation, including the tar, kamancheh, udu and frame drum. Imagine the sounds of the ancient, Persian courts mixed with the throat-singing elements of Tuva's Chirgilchin. Chirgilchin consists of four members playing traditional fiddles and lutes, including the igil, doshpoulour, and byzaanchy. Their notable throat-singing is an excellent accompaniment with the Persian and Tuvan instruments. The eerie vocals, droning sounds, and mystical percussion are rarely heard in other recordings. One drawback with The Window is the length. There are only four songs at about 40 minutes. However, the songs were recorded in only one afternoon and the group's busy schedule only allowed a limited playing time. Still, the results are quite remarkable. English and Persian liner notes are included. The Window is perfect for Persian, Tuvan, Mongolian, Central Asian, and Sufi music fans. ~ Matthew Forss

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