Sunday, April 25, 2010

CD Review: Chile's Chico Trujillo

Chico De Oro

Chico Trujillo is Chile's cumbia innovators, but their musical expertise and repertoire extends beyond Chile's borders and engulfs the South American continent. The Spanish lyrics and upbeat party atmosphere of the instruments - both brass and percussion - highlight Chico De Oro's strengths. The music is definitely influenced by Latin music, but it also envelopes bits of Southeast Asian funk, psychedelic, afro-beat, gypsy, and tejano music. Keep in mind Chico De Oro is not a fusion album, but an album of innovative cumbia music. In short, the music is very energetic with a refined, uptempo rhythm. Chico Trujillo is the party music for your birthday celebration, or world music party! If you are into other Latin American Barbes recordings and cumbia music in general, then you will love Chico Trujillo's Chico De Oro. ~ Matthew Forss

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