Friday, December 21, 2012

CD Review: Aykanna's 'Mantra Mala'

Mantra Mala

Aykanna creates moving meditative pieces of music with light instrumentation and percussion with Sanskrit vocals and yoga spirit that is refreshing and serene. The nine tracks contain male and female vocals that are repeated and chanted in parts, but the instruments have a voice of their own. There is guitar, dun dun, bass, rhodes, steel guitar, cello, sarangi, keyboard, sitara, dombek, raf, riq, and congas that add some texture to the melodies. There is a Middle Eastern presence, which is probably due to the instruments. However, yoga music is at the heart of the recording with soulful and blissful rhythms that will awaken and then calm the human spirit. Mantra Mala is an engaging release for fans of yoga music, kirtan, and relaxing music with pop, new age, and jazz styles. ~ Matthew Forss

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