Friday, December 7, 2012

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Meditative Massage Music'

Various Artists
Meditative Massage Music
White Swan Records

The wholly instrumental release, Meditative Massage Music, is ideal for relaxing, yoga, listening, and thinking. It is reflective and blissful with a host of White Swan Records musicians, including Omkar, Gary Stroutsos, Damien Rose, Prem Joshua, Stevin McNamara, and others. The music is slow and meandering. The fluid movements of aural sound envelope the listener as the music soars to new heights. There are guitars, keyboards, Indian percussion, and Tibetan musical instruments that set the tone of great brilliance. The music is much more reduced than other contemporary releases that focus primarily on upbeat, urban, and hip-hop elements. As a whole, Meditative Massage Music is spot-on with reflective sounds and dreamy tones that awaken the spirit and encapsulate the soul. ~ Matthew Forss

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