Thursday, December 20, 2012

Music Review: Matt Rod's 'Rubix EP'

Matt Rod
Rubix EP

The South African-native and California-based singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Matt Rod, releases a set of four singles with different melodies, styles, and influences. However, Matt's primary influence tends to incorporate dance music elements, especially on "I'm No Lady" and "Someone To Hold My Hand." "Someone To Hold My Hand" features the gentle guitar opening and airy vocals indicative of Jack Johnson or John Mayer. The music features Mario Jose. The breezy melody is infectious and soulful. The dance-friendly, "I'm No Lady," features the vocals of Christina Brehm and Vice V for a truly upbeat concoction of catchy vocals and melodies rich with sonic textures of keyboards and other electronic devices. "Days Of Our Youth" features the hip hop vocals of Vice V and a sweeping melody that is refreshing and contemporary. "Like A Record" features the vocals of Hannah Juliano. The music is more pop/rock than dance overall. The folksy vocals and classic rhythms incorporate drums, bass, and guitars. The vocals are reminiscent of Carrie Underwood, but they are a little more mature and rock-centered. Overall, this is a fine set of singles that reflect a wide range of contemporary styles. ~ Matthew Forss

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