Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CD Review: Midival Punditz' 'Light'

Midival Punditz
Six Degrees Records

The electronic and fusion-focused Midival Punditz release their latest album, Light. It is anything but light from a musical standpoint. In fact, the tunes are rather hard-hitting with diverse South Asian, new age, and world music stylings with contemporary beats, guitars, and traditional sounds emanating from keyboards and actual instruments. The rather organic and enticing sound from New the Delhi-based duo stem from eighteen-years of DJ culture exposure and world music experience, which culminate in a very rewarding and satisfying album. There are nine tracks, but most of them are pretty long. Everything is diverse and reaches deep into the soul of the Earth with fluttering melodies, heavy percussion, wild guitars, dance-friendly beats, and a mix of electronic sampling and engineering that is unparalleled. All of the songs are produced by Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj--the progenitors of the group. The primary sounds resemble South Asian electronica mixed with a dose of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra! ~ Matthew Forss

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