Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CD Review: Monoswezi's 'Monoswezi Yanga'

Monoswezi Yanga
Riverboat Records

Monoswezi is a group born out of several nations, including Mozambique, Norway, Sweden, and Zimbabwe. The instrumental backing is primarily due to the mbira--thumb piano. However, the mbira is accompanied by bass, marimba, sax, clarinet, percussion, guitar, harmonium, harmonica, and drums. Hope Masike and Calu Tsemane provide vocal accompaniment to many of the tunes. The sparkling and earth-laden mbira provides a dreamy and contemplative resonance that is very magical and seductive. The album borders on jazz, folk, roots, Afro, traditional, neo-classical, and experimental music genres. Scandinavia is normally a country positioned very far away from Zimbabwe. Thankfully, Monoswezi bridges the gap between the two world regions in one, cohesive offering titled: Monoswezi Yanga. ~ Matthew Forss

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