Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CD Review: Backbeat Soundsystem's 'Together Not Apart'

Backbeat Soundsystem
Together Not Apart
Easy Star Records

Reggae from the U.K.? Yes, indeed. The eight-piece reggae-roots band, Backbeat Soundsystem, fires on all cylinders with their latest, hook-laden release, Together Not Apart. The group comprises the talents of Dean Forrest, Darren Kendall, Zac Jesus Esquela Harkavy, Jon Symons, Sam Parsons, Elf Forrest, Lawrence Willoughby, and Tom Neale. The music contains catchy, bass-laden beats with hooks that will grab everyone's attention. There are twelve tracks in all. Each song is unique and blends reggae sounds with pop, rock, and urban jazz. The fluid sounds of reggae and punchy percussion are all positive attributes that make Together Not Apart stand alone as an impressive recording. Fans of Easy Star Records will find this a necessary recording. Also, fans of reggae will love it. ~ Matthew Forss

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