Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CD Review: Jubilee Riots' 'Penny Black'

Jubilee Riots
Penny Black

Jubilee Riots (formerly Enter The Haggis) is a Canadian band that brings Celtic and Scottish jam songs to the forefront in a swirling concoction of pop songs based on fan letters and stories. There are eleven songs on the album that are all different, but very memorable. The vocal chants, European charisma, and evocative lead vocals on "Astray" highlight the power of overcoming life's cruel world. "Two Bare Hands" opens with a folksy vocal line that blossoms into a power-pop medley of ear-friendly candy that is not too unlike Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon. "Trying Times" is an alt-rock song with soul, European, and dance elements. "Unsteady" is a classic song with great melody and rhythm and male and female vocals in a folksy setting. "Porch Light" is a twenty-second, alternative piano melody in a new age context. It serves a perfect half-way point thru the album. "Traveler" is a poignant guitar, horn, and percussion song with excellent vocals. Overall, Penny Black is littered with catchy lines, melodies, and rhythms without sacrificing quality. If you want great music--this is it. Anyone interested in alternative folk, pop, and European music will love Jubilee Riots. 5 Stars (out of 5) ~ Matthew Forss

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