Friday, July 12, 2013

CD Review: AOMUSIC's 'Hokulea'

Arcturian Gate

AOMUSIC is a collective of musicians from around the world, but the group was created by Richard Gannaway, Miriam Stockley, and Jay Oliver. These unifying tunes are cinematic, catchy, majestic, and memorable. There are a variety of languages used throughout the album, but the rhythms and melodies are diverse and lush. There are nine tracks in all that represent a truly world music and fusion example that is tough to beat. The glorious vocals and numerous instruments make everything come together with ease. The contemporary arrangements are somewhat new age, but genre classifications are tough to explain this music. At any rate, the music is akin to Celtic Woman, Enigma, Te Vaka, Hevia, and Ronan Hardiman. Fans of world fusion, world vocals, and soaring melodies with a purpose, then Hokulea is necessary. Additionally, the profits from album sales go directly to children in need world-wide. You can donate at: ~ Matthew Forss

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