Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CD Review: Barefoot Divas' 'Walk A Mile In My Shoes'

Barefoot Divas
Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Barefoot Divas is a collective of six women with a connection to the indigenous people's of Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. The vocal group is comprised of Aboriginals Ursula Yovich and Emma Donovan, Maori's Whirimako Black, Maisey Rika and Merenia. Ngaiire represents the Papua New Guinea connection. The opening vocal track by Maisey Rika is rather contemplative without any instrumentation. The serenity is short-lived, as "Never Forget" brings an amped-up, R&B and gospel composition to light. The Spanish-tinged, "Fortuna," is driven by the world fusion repertoire representing Greek, Chilean, and Peruvian elements. The work is largely vocal with a poetic, social commentary. However, the combination of vocals and contemporary instrumentation represents an edgy mix of world fusion worth listening to over and over. There are fourteen tracks in all. The recording was recorded live in 2012 at the Sydney Festival. This project could not have been possible without the group's creator, manager, and producer, Vicki Gordon. ~ Matthew Forss   

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