Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CD Review: Chris Berry's 'King Of Me'

Chris Berry
King Of Me
Kanaga System Krush

The laid-back, scintillating sounds of Zimbabwe's mbira has been modified and electrified for Chris Berry's use. The combination of mbira, reggae-type melodies, and urban-pop sounds makes King Of Me shine with superb melodies, infectious sounds, and smooth vocals throughout. Chris is a composer, singer, teacher, and Grammy Award-winner. Mali's Awa Sangho lends her talents on "Sister River." Chris is also joined by top percussionist, Daniel Moreno, as well as singer Deja Solis. The sparkling balafon-esque mbira sounds showcase a diverse instrument that works perfectly. The mix of lounge rhythms, reggae vocals, drums, and delicate pop structures makes King Of Me an exciting and refreshing contemporary release. Twelve tracks feature the diverse stylings of zim-fusion (Zimbabwe-inspired music) and the help of Abou Diarrassouba on drums, Awa Sangho, Daniel Moreno, Deja Solis, and Moussa Camara. This is great, groovy music with heart and soul. ~ Matthew Forss

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