Thursday, July 11, 2013

CD Review: Calaita's 'Flamenco Son'

Flamenco Son

The UK's Calaita is a flamenco group comprised of Chico Pere, Glenn Sharp, Diana Castro, Leo Paredes, and Matt Nickson. The group combines various flamenco-tinged guitars, vocals, percussion, flute and sax to create magical, whirling, and danceable melodies and rhythms that inspire and astound all who listen to it. There are various flamenco styles showcased, including alegria, tangos, seguiriya, solea, guajira, buleria, and colombiana. The music is Spanish, South American, and breezy like the Cape Verdes. There are ten compositions that are fairly vibrant, punchy, and classical. The vocals are heartfelt throughout. Anyone familiar with world fusion and flamenco will find enjoyment in the tracks of Flamenco Son. Overall, Calaita succeeds with a vibrant, high-quality release of musical ingeniousness. ~ Matthew Forss

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