Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CD Review: Cas Haley's 'La Si Dah'

Cas Haley
La Si Dah
Easy Star Records

Probably best-known for his performances on America's Got Talent, Cas Haley continues to prove he has what it takes to succeed. He traverses the world of reggae, jazz, rock, pop, folk, blues, and roots on his latest release, La Si Dah. "Jackson" is a rock and reggae-tinged, instrumental opener. "La Dah" is a breezy tune with light guitar and percussion sounds with some piano. The reggae-tinged, vibe-driven "Mama" is a classic tune. The slower and jazz-driven tune, "Wait For Me," contains a bit of blues. "Capricorn" opens with some piano, drums, and alternative guitar stylings with a reggae beat. It is refreshing to listen to great songs that are not only original, but different, too. Fans of Cas will love it and new fans will pick up on the reggae grooves, bluesy guitar stylings, and sincere vocals. Though, Cas' home-base is in Texas, the music does not reflect any such influence. Try it today! ~ Matthew Forss  

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