Friday, July 12, 2013

CD Review: Fat Freddy's Drop's 'Blackbird'

Fat Freddy's Drop
The Drop/!K7

New Zealand's Fat Freddy's Drop brings us a new album, Blackbird, which traverses the world of dance, reggae, jazz, funk, and soul. The music is contemporary and urban. There is also an element of electronic embellishments that drive some of the melodies. There are nine infectious tracks brimming with luscious hooks, reggae beats, and funky adornments. The group utilizes electronic sounds, trumpet, trombone, sax, guitars, drums, and keyboards. The steady melodies and funky rhythms reflect the Black sounds of America's 1970s and 80s. Yet, the music is still unique and groundbreaking with its own sense of style and direction. Fans of Afro-beat music, soul/funk, jazz, and reggae will find something to sing and dance about on Blackbird. It simply soars with unabashed brilliance. ~ Matthew Forss

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