Friday, July 12, 2013

CD Review: Rim Banna's 'Revelation Of Ecstasy And Rebellion'

Rim Banna
Revelation Of Ecstasy And Rebellion

Palestine's gifted vocalist, Rim Banna, brings us a poetic display of musicianship with guests: Eivind Aarseth, Bugge Wesseltoft, Jihed Khmiri, Kays Zorrouk, Mohamed Ben Salha, Ossama Bishara, Ramsis Kassis, Mr. Kaz, and Shrikant Shriram. The entire project is rather laid-back with sounds emanating from guitars, piano, keyboards, percussion, oriental cello, flute, qanun, oud, and bass. The result is a vocal and instrumental album that represents a Pan-Arabic approach with new age nuances that are not as electric as Azam Ali. Each track flutters with rich melodies and transient sounds that are contemplative, cultural, and nostalgic. There are twelve tracks in all that reveal something new and fresh with each repeated listen. It is no secret there are beautiful revelations contained throughout. The light percussion, wafting vocals, and emotive deliveries are remarkable and represent a pinnacle, career achievement--thus far. Anyone familiar with Rim should check this out. All others will not be disappointed. ~ Matthew Forss

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