Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: Baloji's 'Kinshasha Succursale'

Kinshasha Succursale

Baloji is a hip hop and rap talent hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium. However, Baloji's rap influences are not as strong as the soukous, afro-pop, and funky dance rhythms that permeate the album from top to bottom. Additionally, Baloji employs collaborations with guest musicians, including Konono No. 1, Monik Tenday, Larousse Marciano, Moise Ilunga, Bebson De La Rue, Zaiko Langa-Langa, and others. The contemporary album contains a hint of rock, Latin, European, and electronica with equal amounts of hip hop, rap, and funky wordplay with drumkit, guitars, and percussion from Africa. Baloji sings in Swahili. The opening cha-cha track, "Le Jour D'Apres," represents a solid, influential genre of music throughout Central Africa. The diverse melodies, rhythms, and genres represented make Kinshasha Succursale a definitive recording for the Congolese music collector and afro-pop aficionado alike. ~ Matthew Forss

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