Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: Nisos' 'Nisos'

Kania Brothers Entertainment

The Czech Republic-based band, Nisos, is a lively, contemplative, and folk-based, world music group that incorporates a plethora of styles from Turkey to Greece. The Greek influences are found in the instruments and rhythms. Furthermore, the band name means "island" in Greek. It appears their musical influences from Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Israel reflect the folk traditions inherent in these distinct cultures. However, Nisos attempts to combine them into a sort of fusion that sounds natural and very appealing. A variety of pleasant instruments are utilized, including the lyra, santuri, buzuki, saz, clarinet, kaval, oud, guitar, lute, trombone, trumpet, kanun, and double bass. The music is only around half-an-hour long, but the quality makes up for any time deficiencies. The vocals and instruments are worth their weight in gold....or "Mana" (my favorite track). ~ Matthew Forss

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