Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: La Bottine Souriante's 'Appellation D'Origine Controlee'

La Bottine Souriante
Appellation D'Origine Controlee
Borealis Records

Over thirty years of music-making and numerous albums have not stopped Quebec's La Bottine Souriante from producing great music. The folk music is relatively unique and fresh, since it incorporates alot of European percussion and Irish melodies. The French influences are pervasive throughout. For instance, the song lyrics are in French in the liner notes. Plus, the fiddling traditions of Southern Canada and Ireland for that matter, are effortlessly showcased on vocal and instrumental tracks. Twelve tracks round out the album with a majority falling somewhere in-between folk, Irish, and French folk music traditions. All in all, La Bottine Souriante know how to make lively, dance-ready tunes in a jazzy, folksy, and traditional setting. Quebecois fans should rejoice with this special recording of superb music for any occasion. ~ Matthew Forss

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