Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: Zdob Si Zdub's 'Basta Mafia!'

Zdob Si Zdub
Basta Mafia!
Asphalt-Tango Records

Moldova might be one of the poorest European countries, but they are rich in musical productivity from their hottest band, Zdob Si Zdub. Basta Mafia! is a rock, folk, pop, and edgy, punk-driven production steeped in ska, electronica, and in-your-face melodies that shake one's body into submission. The dark melodies contain rock-like vocals, but nothing that is too hard on the ears. The vocals are perfect overall, and generally fit the alternative-punk-rock vein. The lyrics are humorous and pertain to traveling, relationships, and the poetic side of society. Basta Mafia! is a cutting-edge album from a seldom-heard region of Europe--especially to world music fans outside of Europe. The slightly avant-garde elements of the album are somewhat linked to Balkan tunes and the musical atmosphere of Berlin, Germany. A stunning release from a Moldovan Weezer-Blink 182! ~ Matthew Forss

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