Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: Raya Brass Band's 'Dancing On Roses, Dancing On Cinders'

Raya Brass Band
Dancing On Roses, Dancing On Cinders

NYC-based and Balkan-driven, the Raya Brass Band is anything but boring. The riotous and raucus sounds emanating from the whirling brass stems from Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and other regions with Gypsy rhythms and soul. The frenetic brass is clever, inventive, and diverse. Mostly an intrumental effort, Dancing On Roses, Dancing On Cinders also contains some vocals on "Srpski Splet." A variety of instruments are utilized, including the trumpet, tuba, accordion, sax, clarinet, and assorted percussion. The high-energy and party-like musical atmosphere is perfect for any occasion that requires dancing. The upbeat brass and melodies borders on Klezmer music, too. The Raya Brass Band's music is as sweet as a blossoming rose with equal amounts of fiery passion. Anyone with an interest in Balkan brass music will love the edgy and fun sounds of the Raya Brass Band. ~ Matthew Forss

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