Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: The Musical Art Quintet's 'Nuevo Chamber'

The Musical Art Quintet
Nuevo Chamber
Classical Revolution Records

Formed in San Francisco, California in 2008, The Musical Art Quintet coined a new term for the music they were producing: "nuevo chamber". This music attempts to encompass the various world music influences and styles now infusing classical traditions. For instance, Nuevo Chamber incorporates tunes devoted to, or inspired by, Argentinian tango, the great Fela Kuti, Malagasy guitar, South American percussion, and classical waltzes. The mostly instrumental album contains twelve tracks without the accompaniment of drumkit or electric guitar. In fact, this is primarily a string album with some notable accompaniment on conga, bongo, maraca, guiro, and keyboards. The only vocals are contained on "Life Is Beautiful" and "Ombligao en Argentina," which are a little different in sound than the rest of the album. Still, Nuevo Chamber is a new sound with a new name, and The Musical Art Quintet leads the way! ~ Matthew Forss

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