Friday, November 18, 2011

CD Review: Julaba Kunda feat. Juldeh Camara & Griselda Sanderson on 'Traders'

Julaba Kunda (feat. Juldeh Camara & Griselda Sanderson)
Waulk Records

Traders is a more African-focused recording than Griselda's previous release, Harpahonics. Nevertheless, the nyckelharpa is still a mainstay, though the riti, kologo, water calabash, thumb piano, and talking drum make an appearance and represent the music of Gambia and other parts of West Africa. In a similar manner, the music of Africa gels perfectly with the organ, piano, fiddle, viola, and other instruments from the "North". The rousing melodies and introspective vocals make Traders a lively album to kick-back and relax with. The energetic percussion and string arrangements create a super-fluid feel throughout. Not one weak track exists on this album. Anyone interested in European, Scandinavian, and African music will love Julaba Kunda's latest release. Not to be missed! ~ Matthew Forss

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