Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Review: Midnite's 'Kings Bell'

Kings Bell
I Grade Records

The reggae infusions of Andrew Bassie Campbell, Vaughn Benjamin, Leroy Wallace, Earl Smith, Squidley Cole, Sticky Thompson, and others, shine through on the St. Croix, Virgin Islands and Jamaica release. The Caribbean reggae sound is very much alive and a pervasive influence in the highly-spirited and intellectually verbose wordplay throughout Kings Bell. Reggae fans will notice the great bass, drum lines, guitar, and keyboard dubs that make any reggae album stand out from other sounds and genres. The sixteen tracks are infectious and soulfully-driven with good lyrics and fun rhythms. The successful career of Midnite spans dozens of albums over the years and shows no signs of quitting or decreasing in quality. Reggae fans unite and party with Midnite all 'nite' long. ~ Matthew Forss 

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