Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD Review: JuJu's 'In Trance'

In Trance
Real World

JuJu is the collaboration of England's Justin Adams and Gambia's Juldeh Camara. Justin is a guitarist that also plays the bendir. Juldeh is the lead vocalist, ritti player, and talking drum aficionado. The duo are backed by Billy Fuller on bass, backing vocals, Dave Smith on drums and assorted percussion, and Martyn Barker on drums and cajon. The seven-track release is a mix of jazz, rock, African fusion, and blues. There is also an element of psy-trance - hence the title. However, there is much similarity to various North African guitar groups and the late-Ali Farka Toure. The ambulating beats are spacious and raw. The intense guitar riffs, crazy sounds of organic noise, and African vocals make In Trance a suitable recording for North African guitar band fans and world fusion with a good dose of blues, rock, and 'other'. Think of an amped up Master Musicians of Jajouka. It is very en-trancing! ~ Matthew Forss

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