Friday, November 9, 2012

CD Review: Silvana Kane's 'La Jardinera'

Silvana Kane
La Jardinera
Six Degrees

Born in Peru and based in Canada, the soft-spoken and brilliant Silvana Kane creates a beautiful medley of folksy, South American-tinged compositions that are cheery, poppy, and ballad-esque. The slow, meandering folk song, "Duerme Negrito," is a good song with minimal percussion and instrumentation that is led by Silvana's voice and a distorted guitar. The playful, "La Jardinera," is a sweet song with bird sounds and a light guitar melody. The soft songs are reminiscent of nearby Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The sweet voice of Silvana is matched by her good looks, which happen to resemble Jordana Brewster - an actress and another South American-native. However, Silvana is not acting here; her music is genuine all the way. Additionally, the ten songs are highly recommended for fans of Peruvian and Brazilian music. ~ Matthew Forss

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