Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD/LP Review: Various Artists' 'Diablos Del Ritmo' 2-CD/2-LP Set

Various Artists
Diablos Del Ritmo
Analog Africa

Analog Africa's latest release, Diablos Del Ritmo, is a 2-CD or 2-LP set of historic African-tinged Colombian music. Part 1 contains mainly afro-beat, funk, terapia, and palenque music, while Part 2 contains more specific, traditional styles, including porro, gaita, puya, cumbiamba, mapale, and chande. The music is taken from 1960-1985. This is a historic set of songs with numerous artists contributing, including Wganda Kenya, Grupo Abharca, Abelardo Carbono, Andres Landero, Cumbia Soledena, Conjunto Son San, and many others. The music is highly danceable, trance-inducing, and psychedelic. The Latin and African funk sounds are memorable, addictive, and a pleasure to experience with each listen. The thirty-two tracks come alive with a deep cultural significance regarding Colombian music as a whole. The CD and LP set comes with a 60-page booklet with 40 old photographs and 24 interviews. Anyone with a sincere interest in Colombian, Afro-Caribbean, and Latin music should check out this compilation. ~ Matthew Forss

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