Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD Review: Seda Bagcan's 'Sunrise'

Seda Bagcan
Spirit Voyage

Turkish-born and German-based, Seda Bagcan creates moving Central Asian-tinged tunes reflecting a yogic presence and Sanskrit vocals. Yoga music lovers will appreciate the wistful and airy melodies, but the piano and some Central Asian percussion and strings take over. This is not your typical kirtan music, but then again, what is typical nowadays? At any rate, the music is mantra based and highly reflective. The soul-stirring voice of Seda is heavenly and blissful. The new album contains eight songs that are a mix of yogic, tantra-based music and Central Asian or Middle-Eastern-tinged elements. The result is a very good album that is easy to listen to for any relaxing or meditative occasion. Seda Bagcan is a talented songstress that knows how to focus on music with a purpose. Sunrise is good from sun-up to sun-down. ~ Matthew Forss

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