Friday, November 9, 2012

CD Review: Karthala 72's 'Diable Du Feu!'

Karthala 72
Diable Du Feu!
Electric Cowbell

Karthala 72 is a mysterious group from the 1970s originating somewhere in Eastern Africa. The annals of history reveals a funky, psychedelic, and rock-driven type of music that is the ultimate in Afro-beat music. The instrumental tunes resonate loudly with African percussion, fuzzy guitar stylings, and electric beats that are raw and uncensored. The organic music is rich with melodies and eerie sounds that will get any pulse racing and feet moving. If Afro-beat greatness is not enough, then you are in for a treat with ten killer remixes. Anyone with an interest in funky, Afro-beat will love Karthala 72. This is mostly instrumental, too. Funkadelic, psychedelic, and dope-adelic all the way. Sizzling tunes with rootsy, almost futuristic electronic sounds. Amazing. ~ Matthew Forss

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