Friday, November 16, 2012

CD Review: The Mickey Finns' 'Prayers and Idle Chatter'

The Mickey Finns
Prayers and Idle Chatter
Mankeltray Music

The Celtically-inspired gospel, punk, bluegrass, and folk collective, The Mickey Finns, creates an inspirational, upbeat, and refreshing album of excellent music. The opener, "Return of The Prodigal Son," is an energetic gospel-bluegrass tune with Celtic fiddle and guitar work. The seasoned vocals make the song shine with Celtic pride. "Tanks and Barbed Wire" is a slower tune with fiddle, percussion, and guitar. "The Jester" is a playful tune with lively strings, percussion, guitar, and plucked instruments. The vocals are good and the melody is upbeat and classy. The Celtic-bluegrass connection is not that far away here. "Be Minor" is an upbeat instrumental track with bass, fiddle, percussion, and jiggy guitar. The music is contemporary, but not electronic or dance-laden in that regard. However, a little toe-tapping is expected, along with some head-nodding. Anyone with an interest in contemporary Celtic music with an ear for bluegrass, gospel, punk, and folk idioms will love The Mickey Finns. I give it a 5 out of 5. ~ Matthew Forss 

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