Friday, November 9, 2012

CD Review: Mercedes Bahleda's ' Path To Bliss'

Mercedes Bahleda
Path To Bliss
White Swan

Based in New York, Mercedes Bahleda incorporates meditative mantras with Hindu, Sanskrit, and yoga-inspired overtones into remarkable kirtan songs. There are seven songs that run about a total length of one-hour. There are loads of heavenly vocals and instruments. For instance, the harmonium, tabla, djembe, violin, cello, guitar, tampura, kalimba, and piano make an appearance on several tracks. The upbeat tracks present the listener with soul-inspiring and soul-defining songs and harmonic textures that transport anyone who listens to the message into the outer realms of humanity. A skilled teacher of devotional music, yoga, and meditation, Mercedes is glad to perform blissful music and teach it to fellow listeners. This is an album that will be loved for all that it is...and more. ~ Matthew Forss

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