Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD Review: Kardemimmit's 'Autio Huvila'

Autio Huvila

The kantele, a plucked zither indigenous to Finland, is the primary instrument in Kardemimmit's repertoire, but they also include harmonicas, double bass, guitar, and bouzouki. The group is comprised of four young ladies from Finland. They are excellent vocalists and professional kantele players in Finland and beyond. The music is traditional folk music that is vocally similar to another Finnish folk group, Varttina. However, Kardemimmit does not utilize as many instruments as Varttina. The sweet vocals are a perfect match for the scintillating kantele strings. The harp-like tonal qualities are very relaxing and engaging. The liner notes include Finnish lyrics only, but song summaries are in English. This is a great album for folk music fans with an interest in Scandinavia. ~ Matthew Forss

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