Friday, April 12, 2013

CD Review: Andy Palmer's 'Hazard Of The Die'

Andy Palmer
Hazard Of The Die

Coming out of Colorado, Andy Palmer presents us with an alt-folk-rock EP of quirky, edgy, bluesy, and poetic odes of human brilliance. The eight songs are diverse with a classy feel overall. For instance, the guitars reverberate on a few songs, which add a slight psychedelic tone to the songs. There are a few other instruments that add to the rootsy, folksy, and alternative-inspired tunes. The violin, harmonica, drums, and bass add to the repertoire. Andy's acrobatic vocals traverse high registers and throaty, low sounds--both of which are showcased on "The Monk." There are bluesy leanings on "Heart Of Colfax." There are slow guitar meanderings on "Broke Down In Bellevue." A hint of blues and jazz emanates from some of the tunes. The nostalgic, bluesy, Spanish-titled tune, "Hay Algo Muy Mal," contains rippling guitars, edgy percussion, and diverse vocalizations. Andy's rough vocals are appropriate throughout and are vocally similar to Xavier Rudd, The Devlins, Jace Everett, and Douglas September. The guitar stylings are similar to The Devlins and Jace Everett with limited rock arrangements overall. The mature vocals and quirky instrumental arrangements make for an interesting musical journey that is anything but boring. Andy is not lucky here; it's all talent. ~ Matthew Forss      

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Unknown said...

Very kind, Matthew. Xavier Rudd is a favorite of mine, and it's the first comparison I've heard. Looking forward to checking out the other artists you mentioned in this review. Many thanks and all the best to you.