Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CD Review: Keznamdi's 'Bridging The Gap'

Bridging The Gap
Higher Intelligence

Jamaican-based Keznamdi brings us a reggae-inflected album of six new songs on his latest release, Bridging The Gap. There are spacious, pop hooks, and R&B-tinged tunes with some jazzy, urban beats that are still reggae-based, but there enough grooves and arrangements that span several genres. The music is interrelated and rather free-flowing overall. "Darkness" contains a little reggae, hip-hop, jazz, pop, and electronic elements that are engaging and memorable. "I Don't Wanna" opens with a little reggae guitar work and island vocals that are laid-back and enticing. "Is This Love" begins with a little shout-out and some hip-hop hooks with swishy percussion and back-up vocals. "Just Vibe" is a more urban tune with lush guitar hooks and typical reggae beats. The final track, "The Weekend Oohs," opens with some spacious washes and twinkling piano sounds with an electronica-based groove. Overall, Keznamdi succeeds with an intriguing and unforgettable set of songs that should satisfy reggae fans, as well as contemporary Jamaican music aficionados. ~ Matthew Forss

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