Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CD Review: Roswitha's 'Destiny'


Austrian-born and New York-based, Roswitha dazzles crowds with genre-bending compositions with mixed rock, funk, classical, new age, world fusion, and experimental-folk explosions of sonic beauty. Roswitha's vocals are similar in tone to the UK's Katie Melua, but the compositions are more punchy and diverse. "Destiny" opens with a punchy guitar line that is slightly Spanish--almost Mediterranean--with a light folk-pop presence. "My Life" is a speed-folk composition with electronic vocals, symphonic accompaniment, and grungy guitar sounds. "Just Near To Me" is a piano ballad with back-up vocals throughout. The tune is vocally congruent with Adele, Leigh Nash, and Katie Melua, but the music is relatively low-key without any percussion or guitars. "Purpose" is a classical tune with piano, violin, and avant-garde vocals. "Desire" is a multi-faceted song with lush vocals, rich instrumentation, and diverse arrangements that span the entire European continent. At any rate, Roswitha is an innovative musician that showcases fourteen unique musical concoctions that are almost indefinable. Nothing is amiss here. ~ Matthew Forss 

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thanks so much Matthew for such a wonderful review! I really appreciate the support!
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