Sunday, April 28, 2013

CD Review: Myloe's 'Empty Out Your Mind'

Empty Out Your Mind

The Boston-based alt-rock band, Myloe, is comprised of Fred Mubang on guitar, Alan Hokom on vocals/guitar, Tom Shani on bass, and Zach Mullings on drums. The new album is rather short with only six songs. However, the music is diverse with a solid repertoire of alt-rock vocals, lush guitar melodies, and punchy grooves that gritty, classic, and all-encompassing. There is a limited display of screaming guitar noises and vocals that are difficult to understand are nowhere to be found. "Empty Out Your Mind" is a punchy guitar song with a driving guitar melodies that are somewhat akin to the UK's McFly, but the vocals are more aligned with Incubus. "In Your Eyes" is a good rock tune with lush guitar sounds and vocal harmonies. "What Is Paradise" contains jingly guitar stylings and rock anthem-like choruses that are contemporary and guitar-driven. "Standstill City" opens with punchy bass, Latin-like percussion, powerful vocal lines, and giddy instrumental arrangements. There are punchy, classic, and melodic guitar arrangements that are difficult to describe with some Scandinavian or Celtic-like driven sounds. However, the rock guitar presence is still paramount here. Though, all in all, Myloe creates a short, but powerful release of guitar beauty, vocal prowess, and creative arrangements. ~ Matthew Forss    

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