Friday, April 5, 2013

CD Review: Optic Yellow Felt's Self-Titled Release

Optic Yellow Felt
Optic Yellow Felt

The Brazilian sextet consisting of Victor Nader (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Nando Morsani (back-up vocals, piano), Ricardo Pires (back-up vocals, sax), Eduardo Marson (back-up vocals, guitar), Tiago B. (back-up vocals, drums), and Lino Nader (back-up vocals, bass), create enthralling music that is eclectic, classy, quirky, and avant-garde. The lead vocals are quite akin to Dave Matthews. Moreover, the light drum percussion, sax embellishments, airy flute sounds, and oveall arrangements are not too far off from the instrumental repertoire of the Dave Matthews Band. The jazzy and plaintive guitar stylings of "Close To Sadness" is especially avant-garde. The light and wispy vocals ambulate along with quirky effervescence. There are piano moments and accordion-like embellishments that appear. "Let You Wonder" is an uppity tune with jaunty guitar work and punchy percussion with a slight Soweto lean via Rio de Janeiro. "So Complex" is a soulful piano ballad with vocals nearly out of breath, but the entire song is under one-minute in length.     
"Don't Bend" is an anthemic tune with lush guitar work, punchy sax, and quirky noises. There are glistening sounds and catchy melodies on this somewhat avant-garde release. Despite the unusual band name, the group comes out ahead without any missteps. ~ Matthew Forss

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