Friday, April 19, 2013

CD Review: Oh, Jeremiah's 'Tall Tales And Tiny Fables'

Oh, Jeremiah
Tall Tales And Tiny Fables

The lyrical wordplay of bluegrass-esque and folksy pop singer, composer, and guitarist, Oh, Jeremiah, dazzles audiences with sheer sincerity and catchy melodies on his new five-track release, Tall Tales And Tiny Fables. Based in Mississippi, Oh, Jeremiah brings carefree vocals to the mix with sweeping guitar tunes, wavering strings, and some percussion. "Better Man" is an uppity tune with a bluegrass or folk presence. "Circles" is an acoustic treasure with vocal similarities to Dave Matthews and Australia's Xavier Rudd. "Happy Now" brings a sort of new age pop presence to the forefront with a light rock beat without electric guitars and the usual angst-ridden characteristics. The choppy beat and punchy string accompaniment makes the song shine with elements of neo-classicism, folk, contemporary pop, and new age. "Mississippi, I'm Yours" opens with a jaunty acoustic guitar, lead and backup vocals, and a void of percussion. This a memorable tune with slow, string accompaniment. There is a good degree of melancholy throughout the album. "The Scariest Thing" contains some percussion and alt-rock ambiance with some strings and folk-pop charm with piano accompaniment. With vocals akin to Dave Matthews, Xavier Rudd, and R.E.M., Oh, Jeremiah promises to astound all who seek good folk music. ~ Matthew Forss

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