Friday, April 5, 2013

CD Review: Lisa Bell's 'The Italian Project'

Lisa Bell
The Italian Project

The Colorado-based blues-stress and alt-rock guitarist, Lisa Bell, brings us a thrilling set of blues, folk, and rock-influenced tunes on the latest release, The Italian Project. The heady opener, "Bring The Love," is an alt-rock anthem with bluesy ambiance and rootsy appeal. "Come My Way" is still alt-rock, but much more reduced in tone. The vocals are akin to Melissa Etheridge, but not as throaty or loud. "One Face, One Race" opens with a laid-back percussion set and a breezy--almost jazzy--set-up. "A Brighter Day" begins with a few guitar strums, light hand drum sounds, and heart-felt vocals amidst a jazzy melody with lively bass and piano. "From The Outside Looking In" opens with strings, piano, vocals, and percussion. The chorus is more classic and majestic than most other songs on the album. The tune is bluesy, classic rock, and roots music. Overall, the eleven tunes represent a mix of blues, jazz, alt-rock, roots, and classic pop with a mature element that signals an invaluable recording. Fans will find some endearing tunes that are not to be missed. ~ Matthew Forss   

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