Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CD Review: Harmonic Blue's 'Villa Borghese'

Harmonic Blue
Villa Borghese

The Maryland-based quartet, Harmonic Blue, is an alt-pop, rock, folk, and classical group that is refreshing and amazing in the same vein. Lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Zach Field, is joined by Anthony Ajluni on guitars, Gabe Bustos on bass, keyboard, and harmonica, and Sam Balcom on drums and percussion. The breezy, "Silver Spoon," is slightly jazzy overall, but not too far removed from alt-pop and folk. Jake Balcom's trumpet solo at the end of the song finishes it off nicely. The jaunty, ambulating "Subreality" is anything but fiction. The lilting guitar and wavering harmonica tones set the stage for an alt-folk composition that opens up into a quasi-rock medley mid-song. "Villa Borghese" opens with a rumbling guitar tune and light percussion that would make Xavier Rudd jealous. The tune finishes with a nice trumpet display. The seven-track release is a heavenly rompy through the world of alt-folk, pop, and rock with a raw, organic performative nature. This is a very fine recording that will please the college crowd, as well as the refined audiophile. ~ Matthew Forss

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